Cold brewing takes time. But it’s worth it.

Everything starts with the coffee bean. It’s carefully chosen, freshly roasted, precisely grinded and steeped in a filtered water. After the time, we filter the coffee twice and that’s it.

Smooth, crisp and refreshing coffee packed with a caffeine to the top. All at once.

Two shots are better than one

Head falling back, arms feeling heavy like a stone and trying to keep your eyes open takes you all the energy. We all have been there and you already know the drill.

But what if you can shoot the weakness with the caffeine bullet? And what if you can have two shots in a can?

Great coffee everywhere. Period.

You don’t need a mocha pumpkin spiced cappuccino with a zebra latte art to get you through the day. Pack your pockets with a Colt Brew ready-to-drink coffee and you’re safe.

Did you know that one can contains 210mg of natural caffeine? Oh, so maybe you’ll need a gun licence for this one.